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Learn the principles of horse training at your own pace, by taking one of our online horse training courses.

Looking for our online training?


Sense Equine training looks at all aspects of your horse's care to give you the best advice possible for training, progression in your riding and your horse's well being.

Every training plan is bespoke to the horse as an individual. An initial tack and horse assessment is carried out at the first session and we work very closely with other equine professionals at all times to ensure your horse is feeling and moving at their best. These assessments are then carried out periodically as part of our training commitment to you and your horse.

Through our experience, horses may present undesirable behaviours due to a myriad of reasons. Most commonly, due to poor saddle fit, tension and discomfort or lack of understanding between horse and handler/rider.

Our aim is to help you learn about the symmetry of your horse, to understand how to build up the correct muscles and work the horse correctly for balance, strength, suppleness and good health. Our methods allow for you to train your horse on the ground and for all movements to be translated straight to the saddle.

Sense Equine training is Classical horsemanship - simplified for everybody to enjoy, to help with all disciplines and to benefit riders of all different levels and experiences.

We take our training methods from the likes of Xenophon, François Robichon de La Guérinière, François Baucher and General Alexis-Francois L’Hotte - to name but a few! Consideration is taken to listen to and learn from modern views and old ways alike. This enables us to give a good, well informed teaching to all of our students. Theory is provided to all students as desired. There are many ways to the same goal - this is our interpretation of good horsemanship!

Our training allows:

- Bitless, bridled or bridle-less
- Saddles and bareback pads
- Horses may be started/restarted with any tack

*We are not vets; should we have any concerns about the horse's health, we will advise you to contact a vet before continuing with any training plan.

Alex offers 1:1 horse training lessons and group clinics in the UK. Please inquire for overseas lessons.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

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