1:1 Training sessions: £45 /hour
Video call training sessions: £45
Training workshops from £120
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With decades of passion, experience and love for horses between them, Alexandra Kane & Theresa McManus created Sense Equine.

“Learning as the classical Masters taught; the fundamentals to keep your horse healthy, so both horse and rider are balanced.

We aim to open minds, to help give a better understanding for the well-being of your horse. 

We know you will always be able to connect with your horse better than we can; after all, the relationship is between the two of you, as it should be. 

We will give you the ideas and tools, we will show you how to do it right, but you have to make these methods yours. You will make your horse work better for you. We don’t want you to have to call us every week – we want you to succeed, to learn and to have fun.

We don’t want to do the same lesson over and over again because it is just the "way things are", we want you to call us when you need us.



Alex: (+44) 07887429844
Theresa: 860-883-7992




Alex: Norfolk, UK
Theresa: Virginia, USA



Monday - Sunday
9am - 5pm