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Horse Training Schools: 3 Tips to Find Your Ideal Trainer

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Written by Alex Kane

You’re looking for some help with your horse. We’re still in lockdown…so you start looking for online horse training schools! Whether you own a young, inexperienced horse, or retraining an older horse, we all want simple methods which will work.

But how do we know whether an online course will work? Who is teaching? How do they work?
Every horse is an individual, so it is important to find a trainer who matches your horse care ideology, who can empathise and offer personal advice if needed.

Looking into horse training schools can be exciting!
Looking into horse training schools can be exciting!

Looking for horse training schools

There are many paths to the same goal, different methods and ways of teaching – and horse training schools are no exception! You will be able to find a range of horse trainers around the world who have their own ways of educating horses and their owners. Here is my guide to finding your perfect match!

1. Does the trainer have similar principles to you?

Do you ride bitless? Does the trainer allow you to use a bitless bridle? Or do they insist on using a bit? Look at photos and videos of the trainer to get a feel for how they handle and ride their horses. Try to find videos of lessons they teach or even personal footage. Look on social media and see if they have community pages you can look through! Most trainers will happily speak to you about their ways of training and answer any questions you may have.

2. What does the trainer teach?

Are you simply looking for a riding instructor, a trainer to address problem behaviours or someone who can also help in other areas of horsemanship? Do you dream of riding bridle-less? Or looking to compete? Ask the trainer if they can help you to achieve your goals. You can ask them for an action plan so you can have an idea of what to expect with their training.

3. Do they set you realistic goals?

It is important you find someone who isn’t going to pull the wool over your eyes! All horse training schools, online or otherwise, want students! If you are being promised that you can go to the Olympics with a certain way of training…perhaps dig a little deeper to find out how and why the training methods are so great! Good trainers will set realistic goals; to keep morale up and to create a good working environment for you and your horse to eventually accomplish your dreams, one hoof at a time.

Sense Equine Online Learning

Having once been the lost student in a sea of different training methods, I wanted to help others to learn simple lessons which will help with their own horse training.

We all dream of an unbreakable bond with our horses and we all want what’s best for them.

I teach simple exercises to horses of all breeds, ages and abilities (much like their owners!). No matter the discipline, whether the horse is bitted or bitless, I teach people to speak to their horses calmly, on the ground and from their back. My training focuses on the well-being of the horse; it encompasses relaxation, training for suppleness and balance, saddle & tack fitting, bond building and addressing negative behaviours.

My new online ground training course teaches my 3 horse training principles, along with relaxation tips for the handler.
This first course is the foundations to good horsemanship. The three core lessons can be referred back to, time and time again through training, which adds great value.

For all students, I offer 1:1 advice and bespoke training plans through our online support group. This private group is proving invaluable for motivation, support and is a real asset for my online learning program.

Join us today! Click here

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