Horse Training

  •  1 hour session: £65
    Includes - symmetry of the horse, horse assessment, tack assessment ground exercises, ridden exercises (as required), summary, online support for students
  • 1 week private tuition / horse training: £250 per week (5 days intensive training)
  • Training Clinic: £150 per day per person (with a horse) £50 auditors.
    A clinic tailored to you and your group. 1:1 tuition or group sessions available. Typically from 10 am - 4pm. Host attends for free. Please enquire for a bespoke learning experience.
  • Video Call session: £65
  • Online ground training course: SEE HERE


Deuber & Partner Saddles

  • Telephone/Email consultation (free)
  • In person consultation £100 (refundable with a saddle purchase through Sense Equine)
  • Saddle fitting / checks £65
  • Saddle re-flocking £50
  • Services & Repairs POA - please email alex@senseequine.com

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Travel Costs & Expenses

I am available for saddle consultations and training nationwide. Please email alex@senseequine.com for pricing.

I typically charge 45p per mile outside a 15 mile radius to NR20.

* Covid-19:  In person consultations will continue where possible following government guidelines. During regional & national lockdowns I highly recommend a remote consultation which is free of charge.

Please call Alex on (+44) 7887429844.


You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

…but you can't make it drink. Or at least that's what they say. What if we were able to teach you the methods involved in making your horse comfortable, relaxed and open-minded enough to take a big slurp? That's the experience we want you to have - sign up and we'll give you our
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