Ultimate Bitless Bridle


Sold By: Sense Equine


The UBB is constructed of 3/4″ Biothane or Nylon and padded with 1″ Supergrip Biothane for a super soft feel.  Biothane and Nylon are both incredibly strong, easy to maintain and will never rot, mold, or mildew.

The UBB has two noseband versions, the ‘Classic’ and the ‘Pro’. The Classic bridle distributes pressure on a wider area of the nose with two nosebands and four 3/4” rings. The Pro bridle incorporates a unique double ring configuration (1.5″ & .75″ rings) with our patented double cross under strap system. This variation consolidates the pressure points into one band as opposed to the double noseband system.

The Ultimate Bitless Bridle has the option of a ‘Quick Release Buckle’ which provides quicker on/off and has a similar feeling to a putting on a halter. It is an added feature, but is not necessary. This extra can be added by selected the variant below.

Each of the rings have elastic built in for a quick release and soft connection.

Super soft and durable this bridle is your all-in-one tool for any riding discipline and all aspects of riding (tack up, lunge, drive, ride).  Made with the highest quality materials and all metal components.

Stitching and materials are guaranteed for 1 year.

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