Impulse Brilliant

A Note About Delivery
Each saddle is lovingly made to order (production time is approximately 12 weeks*).
Should your saddle choice be in stock at the Deuber showroom, we can endeavour to ship out your purchase within 7 working days.

*Owing to Covid-19, production and delivery times may be subject to change. 

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“The “Impulse” saddle model is a real all-rounder and combines the advantages of a baroque saddle with the look and feel of an English saddle.
Due to the large contact surface, the saddle is ideal for long rides on the trail. The Velcro blocks allow an individual adjustment to the rider’s leg and make the “Impulse” a reliable partner for dressage work and smaller jumps.

With the help of the tried and tested, continuously adjustable gullet width and the anatomically shaped saddle panels, the saddle can adjusted to your horse through the seasons and over the years.

Since the saddle is kept as short as possible, it is also suitable for horses with a short back.”

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Sold By: Sense Equine
Weight: approx.  8  kg
Saddle length: approx.  51  cm

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