Christ Lammfelle Iberica

Christ Lammfelle Iberica PLUS Bareback pad


Sold By: Sense Equine

Shaped sheepskin seat for the rider and sheepskin underside against the horses back. Based on the Spanish saddle this Christ Lammfelle Iberica model has large foam pommel and cantle roll giving security and support. A super soft and comfortable riding experience, bringing you closer to you horse. Allowing your horse full freedom of movement with no pressure points.

Strong loop at the front of pad to aid balance if required and great for carrying the pad. D rings are positioned on the pad for use of a breast plate and training aids if required.
There are also strong metal D rings to attach stirrups, if required, to aid balance  All the Bareback pads have composite foam shims either side of the spinal canal ensure extra comfort for horse and rider.
For heavier riders, riders riding for long periods of time, or if using stirrups for more than just balance, we would recommend a saddle pad with shims under the bareback pad.

Girth straps are Leather outer with high-strength webbing core. The leather has been treated so that it is not affected when the pad is washed.

Used with any dressage girth.

As a rough guide:
Pony size pad is suited to children and small adults up to approx UK jeans size 10 (incl.) The Iberica offers a little more seat room and some riders size 12 prefer the snug fit of the pony size.
Full size pad is suited to adults jeans size 10 and above.
Ideally a pony will wear pony size and a horse will wear full size, but a horse can comfortably use a pony size pad and a larger pony, depending on build, can wear a full size.

Youtube videos of these pads being ridden on. Gives a better idea of what these pads feel like to ride on when you see then in action:

Colours available:
Natural (natural undyed lambskin top and bottom with black panels. Natural colour can vary from pale cream to rich honey)
Charcoal (Dark charcoal lambskin upper, natural underside with black panels)
Brown (Very dark brown lambskin upper, natural underside with light brown panels)

Christ Lammfelle Iberica bareback pads can be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures (max 30 degrees) Please always use our C7 sheepskin detergent which has been specially formulated for these products. C7 detergent will protect and prolong the life of the sheepskin, keeping it soft and supple and looking like new.

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