Lunging - & why it's redundant

Thousands of us do it... thousands of us use lunging as a solution to energetic horses.
But why do we do it? 
Does it really make a horse more manageable before a ride?


Your horse is full of beans... you get the feeling they are going to be a handful ridden... so what do you do? Lunge of course!

You lunge for 15 minutes on each rein, going through the transitions. Week after week you find that you have to increase the lunging time or realise that lunging isn't actually having much of an effect! 

This is because you are making your horse fit!  

So often with lunging, your horse will be able to carry on for longer periods of time. This means you will be constantly battling with energy levels. 


So let's harness this energy! 

No more fighting it, let's start working with your horse, not against them. Put away your lunge line... engage your horse's mind and let's really have some fun! 

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Alexandra Kane

Horse trainer