Not your average riding lesson...

Sense Equine is all about having fun and keeping the horse happy and healthy.

It's important to make it clear from the very start that we are different to most other trainers! 

We do not teach you how to ride but we do teach you how to keep your horse fit and healthy - it just so happens that your riding will improve with your new found knowledge and practices! We will give you the tools to become an exceptional horseman. 

This is NOT discipline specific, it is neither dressage training, nor western - not even "natural horsemanship" - this is Foundational training to fit with anything you may do with your horse. 

We compare the training to "building a house". We will talk you through how to "lay the foundations" and show you how to "build something to last". After all, without a solid foundation, any house will fall. The same goes for horse training; without a thorough foundation to the training, the horse and rider will always succumb to issues at some point. (Lameness, behavioural issues, pause in lesson progression)

Allowing yourself to take time and to master each movement completely before moving onto the next stage will ensure you build an incredible bond with your horse, boost confidence in you both and will be the making of a good foundation. This is what we actively encourage and help you to do. Practice, patience and praise go a long, long way. 

An endurance horse learning "straightness" - your Ultimate Bitless Bridle can come in all colours!

An endurance horse learning "straightness" - your Ultimate Bitless Bridle can come in all colours!

In the beginning, we choose to train with a bitless bridle, or with a bridle fitted with a Fulmer snaffle bit so the horse's whole head can move from the cheek, rather than being at risk of twisting around by the mouth. You will learn complete softness and how to move your horse lightly with your hands, opening a whole new line of communication.

We also recommend to many clients to use a bareback pad in the beginning for a variety of reasons; to learn to become more balanced, for greater range of movement with your horse whilst rehabilitating and in some cases, as a saddle replacement. 

We will teach you how to check your tack, how to keep your horse sound and to check for any discomfort after rides/ground work. You will learn about the symmetry of your horse and how to help your horse to become and maintain true balance and straightness. 

In many cases, we can help to prevent common lameness issues through good riding practice and informative reasoning behind each lesson. Sense Equine works alongside some incredible vets, osteopaths, farriers and physios to bring you a wealth of knowledge and good advice to help you and your horse when required. (Recommendations can be made in the UK and USA.) 

Whether you are looking to improve your riding, solve a training issue, start a youngster or just want to have fun and try something new - we really are for everyone! These methods are well suited for rehabilitation purposes and for those interested in keeping their horses healthy for years to come.

Learn the way the Masters intended - become a good horseman!


Alexandra Kane

Horse trainer