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Adjustable Dressage Saddle – The Avante


Written by Alex Kane

Are you looking for a new adjustable dressage saddle?

The Avante is an adjustable, competition legal, Dressage saddle by Deuber & Partner.

Who's it for?

It is a best seller for Dressage riders, whether interested in Classical riding or competitive dressage - the Avante is even a popular choice for happy hacking!

For the horse:

This saddle is designed to enhance horse comfort, with soft, anatomically wool flocked panels which can be adjusted to the horse's shape, special panel design for better loin clearance and of course, the popular adjustable gullet system which Deuber & Partner is famous for! This adjustable dressage saddle has been kept short in length to better fit short backed horses.

For the rider:

Without neglecting the rider, Deuber & Partner have made considered choices in their design. The Avante certainly has the rider's security and comfort in mind! With it's deep and secure seat, it is the saddle of choice for Dressage competition and those interested in Classical riding. It is a good choice of saddle for those looking for a secure seat and is comfortable for hacking and leisure riding. Coupled with velcro knee rolls which can be adapted to the rider's leg position, the Avante is proving very popular at yards across the country, and indeed, worldwide.

The look:

The look is sleek, sophisticated and traditional. Yet, the design is functional and alot of thought has gone into each feature of this saddle. As with all of Deuber & Partner saddles, the Avante can be customised to your preference. It is available in a range of colours and leather options. The hardware is available in brass or stainless steel. You may even choose a stitching colour if you would prefer a more pronounced design.

The cost:

This saddle is made to last! It can be adjusted through the seasons and over the years to accommodate your horse's changing shape. A new Avante will come with a full warranty and tree guarentee.

A base model, without extras, will cost £2450. this includes taxes and shipping to UK and Europe. Worldwide shipping is available. Fitting is also available upon request.

Avante Deuber & Partner Saddle


For all of you Dressage Divas out there! The Avante is an English saddle with the Allen Wrench system to adjust the gullet width. A beautifully understated saddle with all of the genius Deuber & Partner are proud of.

Impuls Deuber & Partner Saddle


Looking for more information?
That's great! Let me take the stress out of saddle hunting for you.

I will ask you a few simple questions to help determine the best saddle match for you and your horse. I have written them down below here:

  • what breed and height is your horse
  • what would you like to do with your horse?
  • do you currently compete or would you like to?
  • what is your approximate dress size & height? (personal...I know...but this is for your comfort, I promise!)
  • what are your style/design preferences?

Got your answers ready? Great!
Get in touch with Alex to arrange your bespoke saddle consultation

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