A saddle of a lifetime!

So here it is... a saddle post! 

For years I had thought of saddle fitting, adjusting, re-flocking and buying all incredibly complicated. It needn't be! The saddle buying process is not only stressful, but seems like such a gamble to find not only the correct fit, but something that looks and feels special too.



Sense Equine and our sister company Show Ready have become UK representatives of DP Saddlery. German design and extraordinary craftsmanship, the DP range is made to a high standard. 

One of the reasons we highly recommend these saddles is because they are not mass produced. More often than not, the saddles circulating social media selling pages and in the UK market are not subjected to the same quality assurance. You certainly get what you pay for. When a saddle is made in high numbers it is simply impossible for the same high quality and care to be attained. This can result in uneven work and saddles which are not lined up correctly, which not only affects balance for the rider, but also muscle development and ultimately the health of our horses.

DP saddles are made to order and can be completely customised to your own taste. DP uses an Ultra-Flex tree for many of their models, which is lightweight and allows full movement of the horse. It is one of the most reliable flexible trees on the market today. 

A saddle to fit all? 

Yes! Finally! 

DP Saddlery have introduced a revolutionary way to adjust their saddles yourself! An allen key is used to adjust the saddle as required, by as little or as much as you require. This means your saddle will not only change with your horse as muscles develop or shapes change, but will also cut expensive call out fees for saddle fitting or adjusting. (See video below for ease of adjusting!)

To make the saddle fitting and buying experience even less painful, Sense Equine and Show Ready are offering free saddle fitting advice to ensure you know exactly how to fit your DP saddle correctly and when it will need adjusting (if at all!). These saddles can be made to fit, so are an incredible investment. It is estimated that DP saddles need re-flocking, on average, every 2000 ridden miles. Sense Equine and Show Ready will re-flock your saddle free of charge when the time comes. One time purchase - yearly savings! Yes!!!

So there you have it! 

Our sincere recommendation for a saddle which is made to move and change with your horse. This is a saddle which will last and something special which can be made bespoke to your and your horse. 

If we can make horses more comfortable and save you money, we are happy! 

See the full DP saddle range at www.showreadyshop.com
Baroque, English, Western models are available.

If you are concerned about your current saddle fit please do get in touch and we would be happy to advise. For any further details on our saddles you can PM us or email alex@senseequine.com

Alexandra Kane

Horse trainer