5 easy ways to become a better horseman

Did you know we can teach you everything with 5 basic movements?

Lower the head, disengage the hind end, shoulder over, shoulder in and reverse arc.

Would you believe me if I told you it could be simple, fun and that learning the basics can take no time at all?

Are you looking to improve your riding?
Do you want to be confident and feel safe in the saddle? 
Is a good relationship with your horse important to you? 

If "yes" to the above questions...read on!

Alex's Story: 

It all started when I was backing my haflinger, Thor.

On the ground I was being dragged around. There were days I felt helpless. I felt like I was constantly battling with him to be calm and to be manageable.

When I was finally in the saddle, I struggled with understanding how it was supposed to feel. With so many instructions, learning to be a good horseman seemed complicated!

Think about your legs...mind your hands, your seat is most important...your heels must be down, head up, shoulders back, squeeze here, lift here, stretch here... Yikes! And all of this before a thought about the horse!



We believe the most important aspect of learning with your horse is to enjoy it. If you aren't having fun and your horse isn't happy, what is the point? 

So, here is what we offer:


- to show you how to be calm and to relax around your horse

- help to teach your horse to relax and to engage their mind

- to give you the tools to be your horse's guide and to build a good relationship with them

- bring you the foundations to being a good horseman, whatever your level or discipline, in an informed, simple way

- remind you to have fun!

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Alexandra Kane

Horse trainer