5 tips for building a bond with your horse


5 simple tips for a better bond with your horse

It's easy to forget to obvious things when you're busy worrying about much more exciting stuff!

But keeping these little gems in mind whilst training, or even just doing odd jobs around the yard, will do wonders for your relationship with your horse.

  1. Praise often - you can never ever ever give too much praise to your horse! Treats, a scratch or verbal encouragement, always let them know they have done well.

  2. Be calm - an anxious mind is no use to a horse and is not a good mindset to be in whilst around these large animals. If you find yourself worrying, try counting back from 10, slowly. You could try singing too - regulate your breathing and relax.

  3. Be fair - don't expect too much of your horse. They have a mind of their own, be respectful of this.

  4. Downtime - allow your horse to just be a horse! Giving your horse time and space to just be themselves is not to be overlooked. Everyone needs some downtime; your horse included!

  5. Grooming - mutual grooming takes part in herds to establish social bonds. Not only will this stengthen the bond with your horse but its also great for skin and hair health.

    What is your best piece of advice to those wanting an unbreakable bond with their horse?

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Alexandra Kane

Horse trainer