“Finding the right saddle is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. And when it does happen then you can guarantee either the shape of your horse will change or you will change your horse! Alex at Sense Equine & DP Saddles are the long-awaited solution.
Having been through numerous treeless and specialist treed saddles and ended up with a high end custom made saddle, Alex’s thorough saddle assessment revealed several issues with my “perfect” saddle. After numerous discussions and consideration (in which Alex was very supportive) I decided to invest in a DP.

Alex is calm, thoughtful, observant, well-informed and attentive and she returned with some amazing saddles for me to try. She couldn’t have been more helpful and is far more skilled than the average saddle fitter. The DP saddles really do have to be seen to be appreciated; they’re an innovative combination of breathtaking craftsmanship and meticulous technology and the sophisticated adjustment mechanism alters width as well as angle, giving infinite versatility!

My horses and I chose a Quantum Sport which is incredibly light and gives great seat and leg contact, as well as looking amazing! It’s a saddle I love now and I know will give a lifetime of value, use and comfort.
If you’re looking for high quality saddlery and second to none service from someone who genuinely cares about getting it right, I can wholeheartedly recommend Alex at Sense Equine.”

*saddle is shown on another customer’s horse

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