Quantum Western Short & Light (Adjustable Western Saddle)

– size 2
– 6cm channel width
– border tooling
– fully adjustable Western saddle
– ultra flex tree
– fenders with border tooling included
– havanna leather

This saddle comes with a full tree guarantee and warranty.

If you are looking for a more traditional Western saddle, ask me about the Flex fit range! The Flex fit saddles are Western saddles without an English tree, but still fully adjustable. Call Alex on 07887429844 or email alex@senseequine.com


1 in stock (can be backordered)

You want a stunning  adjustable Western saddle… but without the weight… so Deuber & Partner created this saddle just for you!

At just 20lbs, this Western saddle has a lightweight, ultra-flex English tree! It is not only lighter than a normal Western saddle, it is also a fully adjustable Western saddle with the signature Allen Wrench system.

Love the look of this saddle but want something a little different? Get in touch to arrange a personal saddle consultation with Alex. Click here.
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