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Goals: How To Be Your Best In 3 Simple Steps

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Written by Alex Kane

Who has a goal?
I certainly do!

It is great to have aspirations and goals and it is important to have a clear plan on how to achieve them. Short sessions, seemingly insignificant exercises and small actions can (and will!) make a BIG impact on your training and the relationship with your horse.

When I learned about Sense Equine foundational training with Thor (pictured), collectively, we spent hours and hours of short sessions to transform from tense, uneducated and ignorant – to calm, quiet, relaxed and on the way to learning for the long term. The end result was astounding and in stark contrast to the horse I first knew, but it took alot of patience on my part and although the sessions were in bursts of a few minutes at a time, I would plug away at it…and I never gave up.

So! Here are my three top tips for achieving your dreamiest goals – you can do it!

  1. Be realistic

    There is no point on setting huge goals which will overwhelm you or lead to frustration.
    Instead, pick 3 – 5 smaller goals! As you master these, you will not only feel elated, you will also be that much closer to the big dreamy aspiration at the end!

  2. Challenges are good

    With every goal you set, you will face obstacles and challenges. Don’t feel put off by difficulties, falls or setbacks. The GREAT days follow the not so great…Without the negative, we wouldn’t feel the positive! It is incredibly important to recognise and face these challenges, but not to allow them to consume us, or to lead to frustration. A challenge = learning and our growth as a trainer/rider/handler always follows.

  3. Your “why”

    I always like to think of my “why” when I am working towards something. Why am I doing this? Why is it important to me?
    Whilst you work towards your stepping stone goals, if you feel unmotivated, think about your “why”. Are you putting in this work to have fun? Are you giving your time to build a stronger bond with your horse?

Improvement and progress will creep up on you. It is never an overnight job, but a marathon of smaller actions to build your dream. Ultimately, with commitment, consistency and patience you can achieve any goal you may set.

Limit your expectations, enjoy the journey and achieve your dreams!

What have you got planned for this year? I would love to hear about it!
Message me @senseequine, email me at or comment!

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