"Teaching you the fundamentals to keep your horse happy, healthy and balanced"


We are different

We look at the whole horse and their tack. 

We have learned to listen to what your horse is telling us. We will listen to you. We will then teach you how to read your horse.

Everyone must learn to understand that their horses are telling them where they hurt, how they are feeling. It's our job to help you understand.

No two horses are the same and no two riders are the same.

We are not veterinarians, we are horse people.

We work with your vets and farriers.

In our time working with horses most of the problems we find are simple fixes; saddles, feet, soreness or discomfort in the horses' bodies.

We have an exceptional team of physios, osteopaths, farriers, vets and holistic practitioners to help you alongside our training. We are here to help. 

This is more than learning to ride - this is becoming a good horse person.

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Training with a difference

Setting a foundation for all disciplines, our foundational training can be used for youngsters, more experienced horses and for riders of all abilities.

It is about taking yourselves “back to basics”, learning to speak to your horse calmly.

This isn’t about teaching you how to ride, but teaching the fundamentals to keep your horse healthy so you and your horse have a better partnership and become a better team.

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