"Teaching you the fundamentals to keep your horse happy, healthy and balanced"



  • Learn to keep your horse symmetrical and balanced
  • Become balanced with your horse
  • Gain confidence on the ground & when riding
  • Build a bond with your horse
  • Always learn at your own pace - no rushing
  • Improve your skills; keeping calm & relaxed
  • Have fun!

Training with a difference

Setting a foundation for all disciplines, our foundational training can be used for youngsters, more experienced horses and for riders of all abilities.

It is about taking yourselves “back to basics”, learning to speak to your horse calmly.

This isn’t about teaching you how to ride, but teaching the fundamentals to keep your horse healthy so you and your horse have a better partnership and become a better team.

Photo: Melanie Wise, USA

Photo: Melanie Wise, USA

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