Classical horsemanship for everyone

Sense Equine Training


Training with a difference

Our teaching simply sets a foundation for all disciplines; our foundational training can be used for youngsters, more experienced horses and for riders of all abilities.

It is about taking yourselves “back to basics”, learning to speak to your horse calmly.

This isn’t about teaching you how to ride, but teaching the fundamentals to keep your horse healthy so you and your horse have a better partnership and become a better team.


Your trainers

With decades of passion, experience and love for horses between them, Alexandra Kane & Theresa McManus created Sense Equine.

“Learning as the classical Masters taught; the fundamentals to keep your horse healthy, so both horse and rider are balanced.”

We aim to open minds, to help give a better understanding for the wellbeing of your horse. 
We know you will always be able to connect with your horse better than we can; after all, the relationship is between the two of you, as it should be. We will give you the ideas and tools, we will show you how to do it right, but you have to make these methods yours. You will make your horse work better for you. We don’t want you to have to call us every week – we want you to succeed, to learn and to have fun. We don’t want to do the same lesson over and over again because it is just the "way things are", we want you to call us when you need us.

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"Alex came to see my horse this weekend and I can honestly say it is the most relaxed my mare Belle has ever been when introducing a new trainer. She is a very anxious horse but Alex's approach was measured, compassionate and fully for the horse. I'm so pleased we have found Alex and am looking forward to the future of our training. Thank you again Alex - looking forward to our next session!"

/  Elizabeth Matthews  /


What is so different about us?

We look at all aspects of your horse's care to give you the best advice possible for training and progression in your riding. 

Every training plan is bespoke to the horse as an individual. An initial tack and horse assessment is carried out at the first session and we work very closely with other equine professionals at all times to ensure your horse is feeling and moving at their best. These assessments are then carried out periodically as part of our training commitment to you and your horse.

Through our experience, horses may present undesirable behaviours due to a myriad of reasons. Most commonly, due to poor saddle fit, tension and discomfort or lack of understanding between horse and handler/rider. 

Our aim is to help you learn about the symmetry of your horse, to understand how to build up the correct muscles and work the horse correctly for balance, strength, suppleness and good health. Our methods allow for you to train your horse on the ground and for all movements to be translated straight to the saddle. 

Sense Equine training is Classical horsemanship - simplified for everybody to enjoy, to help with all disciplines and to benefit riders of all different levels and experiences. 

We take our training methods from the likes of Xenophon, François Robichon de La Guérinière, François Baucher and  General Alexis-Francois L’Hotte - to name but a few! Consideration is taken to listen to and learn from modern views and old ways alike. This enables us to give a good, well informed teaching to all of our students. Theory is provided to all students as desired. There are many ways to the same goal - this is our interpretation of good horsemanship!

Our training allows: 
- Bitless, bridled or bridle-less
- Saddles and bareback pads
- Horses may be started/restarted with any tack

* We are not vets; should we have any concerns about the horse's health , we will advise you to contact a vet before continuing with any training plan.



"“I learnt to ride the old fashioned way of 'deep seat' whatever that meant!, Heels down, grip with thighs, kick on, tight reins etc. Taking away the leg aids and showing the direction with light hands rather than pulling does work and the horse I ride is lighter, more forward going and responsive and turns/changes direction much more readily. Alex is very kind (no shouting) and explains the whys and wherefores. She is very approachable and is committed to improving the relationship between rider and horse.”

/  Lynda H-M  /